The Little Black Book of Strategic Planning for Distributors

by Brent R. Grover

Brent Grover to Speak at Advanced Profit Improvement Conference

Brent Grover, author of recently-released The Little Black Book of Strategic Planning for Distributors, will present at APIC in September and is available for future speaking engagements. Brent’s 20 years’ experience as a high-profit distribution business owner gives him a powerful connection with executive-level audiences, and his straightforward, informal speaking style engages listeners. Brent has spoken at every major event in the distribution industry, and he is accepting inquiries for future engagements.

Profitability optimization, which Brent will discuss during his APIC appearance, is a popular topic. Brent uses the concept of the “three-legged stool of profitability” to help company leaders identify their most profitable areas and uncover underperformers. Brent brings together ideas from his recent books Strategic Pricing for Distributors and In Search of the Perfect Customer and applies them to each audience’s unique needs.

Strategic planning and business strategy are also popular topics since the recent release of The Little Black Book of Strategic Planning for Distributors. Brent offers examples from his experience advising distributors to illustrate how a mental shift from short-term survival to long-term growth can be achieved. Brent encourages audience participation, especially when working with smaller groups, to assure relevancy and maximize results.

To view other presentation topics and to read more about Brent’s style visit Evergreen Consulting’s Speaking Engagements page. To reserve Brent for an event, complete the online contact form on this website or contact Brent directly at

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